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will costco install tires purchased elsewhere

They do not have the lowest prices on tires. Your safety is our top priority. You are currently viewing our boards as a guest which gives you limited access to view most discussions and access our other features. What exactly is 'great' about the service? Waited until Monday and instead of running it through my insurance they wanted to charge me 123.00. Ordered a refill and it had to be ordered. If you are unsure of your vehicle's fitment requirements, please contact a local Costco Tire Center sales associate. My car is a 2008 Outback, which I purchased used in 2013 with about 45k miles on it. Good: The pricing for Michelin tires. As part of that commitment, our Tire Centers will only install tires that are suggested by the manufacturer for your make and model of car. Costco member to purchase their car through the Costco Auto Program or through a specific. If you are unsure if your purchase is an authorized fitment, contact your local Costco Tire Centre for assistance. If you'd like to find your vehicle's tires or need more information, click here to see the Tire Center website. Will Costco Install Tires Bought Elsewhere; Get the latest from TODAY. I use our local Fleet Farm for installation. Members typically get a full warranty on Costco-purchased. The employees seem to be well trained. Do you have to go to walmart on black friday to get the black friday price? Costco tire guy made a big deal about how the 'free' replacement tire (super-common Michelin Defender model tire) would have to be ordered and maybe I wanted to go buy a replacement locally elsewhere. They called me when the tires arrived at the store, and I was able to pick the time I wanted them installed that same day. If the prices are less than a local tire store (Les Schwab tire stores in our area are fantastic), then it may be worth it, but if you're counting on the 'free rotation and balance' with tires you buy there, it's not worth it at all in my experience. If you're mounting new tires on a second set of rims (say winter tires on steel rims), you may have to pay for a second set of 4 TPMS sensors for the new rims. I just wouldn't buy tires or any other auto service there. Costco only installs authorized tire fitments, for safety reasons. The Costco Tire Center offers several installation and maintenance services to get our members on the road, including rotation, balance, nitrogen inflation, nitrogen conversion, and flat repair. I have taken advantage of this and gotten 4 very nice tires installed at a good price. The 'free' tire rotations are useless since you have to be there half a day to get it done. If the tire is fairly new at the time of the flat, Costco will replace it with a new tire. If you're mounting new tires on your existing rims then that's probably the price. Before I went to Costco, I would occasionally have to take them back to get them rebalanced. However, less than three months ago Wal Mart mounted and balanced wheels and tires that I brought in with new valve stems including a lifetime reblance warranty for less than $50.00 for 4 tires/wheels. I'd ask your mechanic. Chances are the tires were changed before you bought them. Write something about yourself. I doubt very much those are original tires with 78K miles if the 'treads look fine.' Just fine and great service. 5/12/2018 . Long time Costco member and I've bought perhaps 8 sets of tires there. I purchased 4. I mentioned this price to Discount Tire and they quoted $400 plus $100 rebate visa card for the same tires. They have a few 'safety' rules to protect themselves. Not all tires have a speed rating requirement. Select your vehicle type and the services you’d like. It takes roughly 1 to 2 hours, most times less than an hour and a half. Will Costco Install Tires Purchased Elsewhere Programs. Mar 13, 2018 I asked my local Costco in Ottawa last fall and they will install tires bought elsewhere but the cost is a bit higher at $21 instead of $15 for tires from Costco. If you’d like a text message reminder, check the appropriate box and select your Mobile Phone Carrier. I purchased 4 tires at Costco tires on 86th street and Michigan road Indianapolis, with 50 miles warranty. I went early on a Saturday and they quoted me 4-5 hours of waiting time. Registration is fast, simple and absolutely free so please,! I recommend stopping by or calling rather than online ordering. I went later that week around 4:00p and they would accept no more rotations that day. My purchase was Tuesday before Thanksgiving. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. It must be a size authorized by the vehicle manufacturers. Give your local store a call and see what they can do for you. I've always loved their customer service and I'm pretty demanding where that is concerned. So I've been happy with the Costco service warranty. When I ordered my tires online they were incorrect for my car and I had to wait even longer to get the correct ones. Then research your local and online options for buying those specific tires. Good: Got a nail last month in a tire I bought in 2012. Both are reputable. My husband and I both have winter and summer tires and the seasonal switch is always pain free. The other alternative is the Continental CrossContact LX20, 236/60R18 with … I love costco but don't get tires there for that very reason. The shop is spotless. Overall, I liked getting my tires from Costco - the price and service have been great. The treads look fine and I currently have about 78k on it but I've read things about age of tires and the rubber are factors to consider in a replacement. There are probably only a handful of shoppers who haven’t, at least once, bought something perishable at Costco or Sam’s Club, only to see it go to waste. If pressed, I bet they would go by the manufacturer's recommendations. The tires selection is limited (no Continental, Goodyear), takes literally half of day to get it done and the price is only average. Will the Costco Tire Center install any size tire? Tire Installation Cost Comparison: What is the Best Place to Get. This policy change is fairly recent because years back they would not install non Costco-supplied tires. The used car was purchased from a dealer and the prior owner was a company car.I somehow doubt that the tires have been changed before. My car is a 2008 Outback, which I purchased used in 2013 with about 45k miles on it. I read somewhere online that Walmart will install tires that weren't purchased from them, but it says carry in only. 1 tire from a local place where I live cost almost as much as 2.5 tires (same brand/type) of those purchased on BF from walmart. Will Costco Install Tires Purchased Elsewhere Programs. Yes, getting them rotated without an appointment can take longer. How can I schedule an appointment at my local Tire Center? They falter here compared to Discount Tire, who allow me to schedule my appointments in advance, online. Think 'warranty' is included for road hazard. This is based on major tire manufacturers' fitment guidelines, which specifically caution against installing replacement tires on the front axle, due to safety reasons. I went later that week around 4:00p and they would accept no more rotations that day. Will Costco Install Tires Purchased Elsewhere Programs 5,7/10 2005 votes. An Installation charge of $18.99 per tire is included in the quoted price. I simply dropped off the tire with the wheel (around 9:30am) and it was plugged for free. 9/19/2019 Shopping around for the isn't as simple as comparing advertised prices. I get them rotated every 8k to satisfy Costco, but I think the manufacturer (Michelin) says no more than 10k. I also think they balance the tires better than other places. How would I know what there special order details were? Your local Costco Tire Center team will be glad to discuss any of these services in-depth. The Answer is: NO. I just took my Sonata to Costco for the 'free' tire rotation that one is supposed to get when you buy tires from them (as I did). Discount tire beat Costco's price - $400 and then offered me an extra $100 visa rebate card. Simplesimon wrote:This thread got me thinking about my own tires and while I don't mean to hijack the thread, I hope to get some advice.

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